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The Arkipelag Collection
May 22, 2017 Robin

The Arkipelag Collection

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The Arkipelag collection is our second watch collection. It was successfully launched via the crowdfunding site Kickstarter during the summer of 2016. Today the collection is a staple of our brand and loved among customers world-wide.


The design of the Arkipelag collection is inspired by the breathtaking archipelago of Stockholm. Arkipelag is a Swedish word referring to a collection of islands. Our design is inspired by spending our youth exploring the archipelago, traveling daily to new islands. A few of our favorites, inspired the names of the models; Saltarö, Svartsö, Flaxen and Vaxholm.

When creating the design, we had various aspects of the archipelago in mind. The brushed case and details represent the rough cliffs that have been grounded down and shaped for thousands of years. Twelve dots with rings around them represent island throughout the archipelago. The circle showing seconds is immersed interpreting the depths of the Baltic sea. Two pointers represent sailboats, a common sight when traveling across the Stockholm archipelago. A flat brushed crown, standing out from the watch like a lighthouse breaking of the cliff landscape of the archipelago. The buckle acts as a boat anchor, keeping your watch in place around your wrist. Dome sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflective coating represent the reflection of the sea.


The male watches are only 10mm thin with a width of 42mm while the female watches have the same thin case but a smaller width of 38mm. Two main dials have been fitted, showing minutes and hours with a third sub-dial showing seconds. The 22mm wristbands (for the 42mm version) and the 18mm wristbands (for the 38mm version) are interchangeable and adjustable in length. We provide a variety of total four different wristbands in two different materials; genuine Italian leather and stainless mesh steel.

Every single watch in the Arkipelag collection is powered by Swiss Ronda 1069 quartz movements. Considered to be the heart of the watch. The watches are protected by 316l stainless steel and dome sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflective coating. Making the watch virtually unscratchable. This also enables us to pressure test the watches as 10ATM waterproof.

If you have suggestions for future journals or any questions about the Arkipelag collection do not hesitate to comment below or email us at

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