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Swiss made watches or movements
February 22, 2017 Robin

Swiss made watches or movements

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It is no secret that the number one country in the world at manufacturing watches is Switzerland. Brands like Rolex, IWC and Audemars Piguet have shaped the high-end luxury watch industry and we have all probably liked a picture on Instagram including at least one Swiss luxury watch manufacturer. It has recently popped up several new brands telling their consumers their watches are “Swiss Made”. There is a common misunderstanding about the Swiss Made quality stamp that today is often seen among smaller watch brands. This journal will discuss the uncertainties around Swiss watches and movement.

Why use the Swiss Made stamp?

The luxury brands mentioned in the introduction often use in-house made mechanical or automatic movements making the watches unfortunately out of most people’s budgets. But there are today Swiss companies like Ronda and ETA manufacturing quartz movements that are more affordable (we will discuss the different types of movements in a future journal). New and small watch companies use these Swiss quartz movements as a key selling point because it gives the consumer a feel of quality, likely due to the fact that they associate Swiss Made with the luxury brands of Switzerland. The phrase “Swiss Made” is therefore often stamped on the back of the watch or inside the watch face. Who would not want to purchase a Swiss watch for the fraction of the price compared to famous brands? Although this is in most cases not true and deceitful.

What about NorthTwentytwo?

At NorthTwentytwo we consider the Swiss Made stamp in a lot of cases to be a bit misleading marketing. First of all, ee think that the movement is all too often overlooked, something we want to change. To us the movement is the heart of the watch, making it a vital element of the timepiece. Our first collection Nord is powered by a Swiss Ronda 785 quartz movement and our newest collection Arkipelag is powered by a Swiss Ronda 1069 quartz movement. But we have not printed anything about “Swiss Made” neither on the back of the watch or on the watch face and we do not market our watches as Swiss Made, we only tell our audience that we use Swiss Made Movements.

What is the difference between Swiss Made and Swiss Made Movement?

Why not sell NorthTwentytwo watches as Swiss Made you might ask? Well there should be, but rarely is, a difference between calling a watch Swiss Made and calling the movement Swiss Made. To call a watch “Swiss Made” the movement must be completely Swiss, cased up in Switzerland and the manufacturer carries out the final inspection in Switzerland. Something that is impossible to carry out at a competitive price, and therefore real Swiss Made watches are extremely expensive.

NorthTwentytwo use movements manufactured in Switzerland meaning we get to use the label “Swiss Made Movement”. A label that is protected by Swiss law. We use Swiss movements because of their solid reputation of quality. The requirements are that the movement should undergo technical development in Switzerland, been assembled in Switzerland, been inspected by the manufacturer in Switzerland and at least 60% of the manufacturing costs must be generated in Switzerland with at least 50% of the value of all the constituent parts, but excluding the cost of assembly, must be of Swiss manufacture.

To ensure quality beyond the movement we carefully supervise all aspects during the production and part of the assembly takes place by hand at our workshop in Stockholm. Every NorthTwentytwo watch is thoroughly tested and inspected before being approved. If you have any questions about Swiss Made watches or movements do not hesitate to comment below or email us at

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