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Magnetic mesh wristband
June 22, 2017 Robin

Magnetic mesh wristband

Posted in Watch Specifications

We are the first regular watch brand to introduced stainless steel mesh wristbands with a magnetic closure. By regular we do not mean ordinary, we mean as a small independent company developing minimalistic watches.

Why is it better?

Let us tell you why! First of all you do not need any tool to adjust the length. Since every wrist is different this means you do not have to settle with an acceptable fit, you can easily create the perfect fit. Also it does not require any additional tools to remove or switch to for example a genuine leather wristband, thanks to the fast-release function. Meaning you can change wristbands in seconds. Lastly it is easier to put on and take off, saving you valuable time when in a rush.


Currently we only offer the magnetic mesh wristband to all of the Arkipelag collection watches. The wristbands come in two sizes, 18mm width and 22mm, and two colors, light rose gold and silver. Of course with a brushed finish to match the brushed stainless steel housing of all Arkipelag models. On the end of the wristband you will find the iconic NorthTwentytwo logo engraved with laser.

The future 

The feedback of this wristband has been amazing, we have plans to make it a NorthTwentytwo standard, meaning all of our collections will utilize the smart closure. Click here to shop! As always, if you have suggestions for future journals or have any questions about this month’s journal, do not hesitate to contact us. You can email us at, chat with us at our website, comment down below or send a message on social media.

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