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Anti-Reflective coating
July 22, 2017 Robin

Anti-Reflective coating

Posted in Watch Specifications

Using anti-reflective coating is usually common among models from very high-end and expensive watch brands. An abbreviation you might have heard of the AR-coating or A/R-coating. This journal will take a closer look at what anti-reflective coating actually means.

What is anti-reflective coating?

An AR-coating is basically extremely thin layers of materials made from metal oxide, such as titanium, zirconium but also silicon oxide. The coating typically consists of minimum three layers. These layers are so thin that their thickness is described as nanometer, which is a billionth of a meter.

What are the benefits?

AR-coatings reduces the reflection of the glass while increasing the amount of light being transmitted through the glass. This will help with seeing the clarity of the dial color, texture and design. To make this easier to understand, just image noise cancelling headphones, it gives the user more clarity. This is exactly what AR-coating does for a watch user. Well why do I sometime see more reflection in the glass of my watch with AR-coating? This is because the coating is angle dependent. Meaning the maximum reduction is at a 90-defree angle, from a user perspective the reduction will be less. Also, there is often a blue toned reflection, why? When applying the thin layers of coating the reflection color can be controlled. Any color can be used but blue is almost used every time since it is less intense compared to for example red.

What about NorthTwentytwo?

All models of our Arkipelag collection have AR-coating while none of the models of the Nord collection uses AR-coating. The reasons are that the Nord collection has such a clear and simplistic design with white dials, while being equipped with flat sapphire crystal. Meaning the AR-coating will not do much good. For the Arkipelag collection on the other hand, the design is still minimalistic but much more complex, with different dial colors while using dome sapphire crystal. Meaning for this collection the AR-coating does much good and fills its purpose. For future collections, we will use AR-coating if we believe it will benefit your user experience while wearing the watch.

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