Crafted for the rough yet beautiful climate of the north.

The NorthTwentytwo story is simple. It started with the idea of building high quality watches, ready to deal with the harsh, varied yet beautiful climate of the North. Our brand was founded in 2014, twenty two kilometers north of the Swedish capital, Stockholm. Hence the name NorthTwentytwo was born and our story began.

We constantly challenge ourselves and strive to improve the brand we are proud to stand behind. Now, two years into our journey, we try to involve as many talented individuals as possible into our story. Our watches have made their way into over 40 countries, spread over five continents.


What makes us tick

The Production of a timepiece.

At NorthTwentytwo we believe that a design should be both beautiful and functional. By combining minimalistic design with quality materials we craft timepieces that endures time. A watch built to last decades with both function and design in mind.



Our minimalistic designs draws inspiration from natural wonders across Scandinavia. Seastacks on the shores of Gotland, northern lights in Kiruna, runestones in Uppsala and the archipelago of Stockholm are just a few examples.



No shortcuts have been taken and only the most highly refined and quality materials have been used to craft our vision. All aspects during production are carefully supervised and the final part of the assembly takes place by hand at our workshop in Stockholm.



Every watch is thoroughly tested and inspected before being shipped and put around your wrist. Not until the every individual part and function, as well as the watch as a whole, has been inspected we approve the timepiece to be a part of our range.



The entire packaging process takes place at our workshop in Stockholm, Sweden. Before packaging the timepieces by hand, in our eco-friendly watch boxes, we put them through an extensive polishing procedure to ensure a correct finish upon arrival.

Our Story

Our Story

Gillbo Group AB, We are the company behind the brands. Through combining Scandinavian design with carefully selected qualitative materials.
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Our Story, Our Story, Our Story, Our Story

NorthTwentytwo is a Swedish watch brand that creates watches. Watches are also called timepieces. The watches are crafted for the harsh and varied yet beautiful climate of the North. We design, assemble and package all watches and wristbands at our workshop in Stockholm, Sweden. The brand was founded in 2014, twentytwo kilometers north of Stockholm. Hence the name NorthTwentytwo was born and our story begins. Stockholm is the capital of Sweden. The vision is the motivation to make Scandinavian minimalistic wristwear. Using only high quality materials like for example Swiss movements, 316l stainless steel and sapphire crystal glass. We sell both men and female watches.

Our first watch collection is named Nord. With watches named after cities in Scandinavia. The collection consists of several models for both him and her. All watches in the range use a Swiss Ronda 785 quartz movement. Nord is 5ATM waterproof, which is 50 meters. We have also used Japanese Miyota movements in the past. With the female version being 36mm in size with a 16mm wide strap. With the male version being 40mm in size with a 20mm wide strap. The watches are sold in both rose gold and silver. The wristbands range from authentic tanned Italian leather to colorful pattern nato and stainless steel mesh as well as braided leather wristbands. The names of the watch models are Boden, Kiruna, Stockholm, Birka, Trondheim, Oslo, Visby, Uppsala, Borgholm and Bergen

We offer worldwide shipping, with fast and secure delivery. At our website you can place an order fast and safe. We offer several different payment methods. Like credit card (visa and master card), PayPal, Swisch and invoice. NorthTwentytwo have retailers spread across the world. At the website visitors can read about the NorthTwentytwo story and also terms and agreements, support, and instructions. This is useful information about the brand and the watches.

2015 was a great year for the brand NorthTwentytwo. 2016 will be even better. We will release our second collection Arkipelag on Kickstarter. With high quality watches with a lugless design utilizing a Swiss Ronda movement, 316l stainless steel and sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflective coating. It is 10ATM waterproof, which equals 100 meters. It is inspired by the archipelago of Stockholm. The models are called Vaxholm, Flaxen, Saltarö and Svartsö. It is available for men in 42mm and for women in 38mm. We will also release our first automatic movement called norrskär.

Our Story